Axel Vuille
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1987: Neuchâtel, Switzerland – Axel Vuille is born into a family of musicians. He subsequently continues within that heritage, and by 1994 (age 7) he is studying classical percussion with Laurent Deceuninck. This formed the foundation for his later astonishing versatility-mastering genres from musical theater to heavy metal, and as they say, all points in between. The young Axel gigged with such luminaries as Didier Lockwood, Greg Howard and Nicolas Farine to everyone’s satisfaction.

Scholastically Axel detoured into a CFC in computer science, but soon thereafter returned to his beloved drums – including a year at M.A.I in Nancy (Fr.).

By 2008 Axel entered the jazz program of the HEMU, Lausanne (CH) and was tutored by the likes of Marcel Papaux, Cyril Regamey, Sangoma Everett, Daniel Humair, Zoltan Csorsz, Eddie Daniels, Marc Erbetta, Alain Caron, Eric Harland, Dave Liebman, Lee Konitz and Alex Riel. A BA in Jazz drums in 2011 preceded a Master’s degree in Performance, 2013, and a MA in Pedagogy 2015.

Jazz may have dominated his training, but Axel never lost his love of myriad percussive styles. He has toured throughout Europe, Africa and the USA in Metal (currently DarkRise), Rock, Fusion and Brasilian bands, on stages from Montreux Jazz Festival, through seedy LA dives, to the Paleo Festival.